Surveys & Quantitative Research

Surveys and Quantitative Research


Surveys and other forms of quantitative research are an integral component of most of our evaluation and research projects.

We have conducted surveys and questionnaires to address a wide range of evaluation and research questions involving a diverse range of participants. For example, we have successfully surveyed business people, parents, people with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse peoples, Indigenous peoples, health professionals and people in difficult personal circumstances.

Our preferred methods are telephone, face-to-face and internet as we find they provide the highest response rates and quality data. Mail surveys offer a relatively low cost option, but usually have lower response rates, and we use them when needed.

We use longitudinal surveys to examine the impact of programs over time.

We undertake descriptive and statistical analysis of primary and secondary data using SPSS.

We have considerable experience in collecting survey and other quantitative data involving Indigenous peoples and communities.


Good design is the key to achieving high quality, valid data. We pay careful attention to question wording, sequencing and minimising respondent burden.

Our high response rates are achieved through thoughtful questionnaire design, skilful interviewing and the appropriate choice of methods.

We match our survey style and methods to the participants. Internet surveys may suit business people with ready access to a computer, but a more informal telephone discussion may better suit some program participants.

Our rigorous approach to data entry and analysis ensures data accuracy.

We maintain very strict protocols on the protection of data and client records. We do not report in a manner that would enable an individual or entity to be identified without their express permission.

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